Swan Song of 2021

Mighty brave, might somehow seem,

Of this child’s millstone swing.

Rest today, swept away,

Choking out freedom’s say.

Swung low, kid not mine,

Stinging sweet of hellish grind.

Black and bluish touch to drink,

Keeping bones of rake-hell weep.

At that time the disciples came to Jesus and asked, “Who, then, is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?” He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me. “If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Matthew 18:1-6

-dedicated to the lost children of perdition-

What have we become?

I will follow the Lamb of God, wherever He would lead.

I’ll take up my cross, I’ll count the cost, no matter what it brings.

I’ve found it hard to even sleep as this New Year’s wrung me dry.

Hark the Herald angels sing of new vaccine to try.

RNA ladder ascends to heaven, Jacobs matter, wrestled now we sing.

We though 100, million be, the called out few and far between.

Ham string up the traders, to the cause that’s caused much woe!

We’ve been reaping the whirlwind, because of the wind we’ve sewn.

Election theater is cover for the global extermination agenda by: Mike Adams

January 4, 2021 Article by: Mike Adams

The mRNA vaccine platform is described by Moderna as an “operating system” being installed in your body, upon which “software” in the form of mRNA is deployed and updated to produce “applications” which are proteins. This is all described on Moderna’s own web site.

The goal of installing this operating system in your body, of course, is so that globalist-linked corporations can exercise remote control over your physiology while claiming intellectual property ownership over your body’s cells.

In essence, all who take the mRNA vaccine are being branded like cattle and coerced into replicating patented mRNA strands at the cellular level, thus engaging intellectual property theft, allowing vaccine corporations to claim ownership of your entire body.

The election situation has collapsed into chaos, with the 10-day emergency investigation commission now appearing to be yet another delay tactic to assuage patriots and Trump supporters all the way until January 20th, when Biden will be quietly sworn in (unless Trump and the patriots stop him first).

With the “Reclaiming a Superpower” report now published by a cyber warfare investigations team, it’s clear that literally every institution of government — the courts, SCOTUS, governors, congress, law enforcement, etc. — is completely corrupt and utterly unable to honestly examine the overwhelming evidence of election fraud that continues to emerge by the day.

There is no solution to corrupt government that can come from corrupt government itself.

It looks increasingly like the only real solution to all this will be an uprising of patriots who take down the entire corrupt system, most likely by force.

Here are the highlights of today’s Situation Update podcast for January 4th:

  • Why many people who take mRNA vaccines will be infertile or dead within 5 years.
  • Why mass vaccinations are a globalist attempt to kill off billions of people before they can stage a mass uprising against globalist control.
  • Exodus chapter 14, verse 15.
  • Zombie-looking Nancy Pelosi re-elected Creeper of the House.
  • Ric Grennell confirms Trump is in a “good position” to challenge the fraudulent electoral votes.
  • Lin Wood implies he may soon release damning evidence that exposes Chief Justice Roberts.
  • Peter Navarro confirms VP Pence can move the inauguration to a later date.
  • The 10-day investigations commission effort may be a clever ploy to disarm patriots and delay any uprising until Biden can be secretly sworn in.
  • The composition of the commission will tell us everything: If Roberts is on it, the commission will be nothing but a whitewash effort to bury all the evidence and hide the truth.
  • Jake Tapper slams any effort to look into vote fraud as a “bloodless coup,” claiming anyone who doesn’t blindly accept the Biden election fraud is a “traitor.” (Tapper spent the last four years questioning the 2016 election, FYI.)
  • 400 ex-intelligence officers are reportedly involved in the investigation of election irregularities. This is necessary because the FBI, DOJ and CIA are hopelessly corrupt and even complicit in the election fraud.
  • Trump himself has the power to criminally indict anyone, just as if he were the AG.
  • Trump calls on state legislators to reject the fraudulent electoral votes.
  • Covid-19 vaccines already given to 4+ million Americans, which is a little over 1% of the population.
  • Trump reveals covid deaths are exaggerated. He’s onto the scam.
  • Exploration of the economic impacts of 40+ million Americans dying or becoming infertile from the vaccine over the next few years: Plunging real estate values, implosion of all government pensions and financial markets.
  • Moderna admits a strong immune system can destroy the mRNA sequences before they get into your cells. Discussion of possible topical applications which could be administered before or after an mRNA vaccine to protect the body from mRNA.
  • The intellectual property implications of allowing a vaccine “operating system” to be installed in your body via mRNA vaccines: Corporations own your proteins, which means they own your body.
  • Human beings who take the covid-19 vaccine (mRNA) are allowing themselves to be branded like cattle. Quantum dot tracking technology isn’t simply about determining who has been vaccinated, but rather being able to scan the human herd and determine which subjects are owned by corporations. (You are a “human resource” and nothing more to the globalists.)

No Code Development

No-code development programs are the use of graphical interfaces that the average user can deploy in the development of application software. The use of drop and drag graphical interface is well-known and simple to navigate. No-code bypasses the obstacle of programming language and allows plasticity of real-time info gathering, utilization and manipulation into helpful applications for businesses and education alike.

In progressively remote work from home environments, zoom meetings, and online learning all benefit from the flexibility of no-code because most users are not acquainted with programming language. The need for usability of applications demands that it be attainable by the common user. This allows for dynamic rules to be accessible by static user interfaces and images. Work-flow becomes increasingly productive and beneficial to both the users, business and schools that employ no-code platforms.

Call Your Representatives!

I called Governor Ralph Northam left three messages on his machine. I hold him personally responsible for my awful mental health this year. I’ve also written him a letter as I’ve done many times before. I did also call Bobby Scott in Newport News, VA and left a message with a staffer surprisingly got a positive response from his office.

His staff member said he ‘would uphold the Constitution of the USA’ and that no harm or persecution would come to those who are Christians. I’m going to hold him to his word, or he will be getting a personal visit from me.

I have called Bobby’s office more than once and have had concerns over being someone who has autism and who is suffering because I don’t ‘appear’ to have anything wrong with me.
I won’t be taking a vaccine should it become mandatory, and I sure as hell will starve, be shot or beheaded before I deny Jesus Christ! I will fight for my freedom come what may because greater is Jesus in me than he that is in the world system!

Lovers question

What is the caress of a lovers kiss? Something more, someone missed?

A hipbone smile, a private grin. Joyous laugh over tonic gin.

Pre-sternal notch, licked secrets bare. Question marks of sordid affair.

Your cheekbones harsh against the skin, sweat of brows heat of sin.

Self-forgiveness tastes bitter on my tongue,

Self-malignant tongue twirls to beat of new drum.

Assignment met, appointment kept.

Half-wiped wept, House-wife swept.

Camera cord, umbilical noose,

Riding whore, wondering goose.

Mind ablaze, half tucked daze.

Funny how I lost my wit,

No string now to fast forget.

2020’s marshal law,

Faithful soon to lead the cull.

Seven billion become, half at best.

Bill Gates of hell, vaccinate rest.

I will likely become a headless one,

Hit-list of hell, oh well, all done.

The autistic cause-is it?

Disabled first to go.

Unfit for the ‘new world.’


God’s Waters of Impossible

Where He sees the cracks and creases,

Where His River of life never ceases.

Out of His Waters drawn in you,

nurtures my garden and others too.

When all is lost, He Loves to find!

Come and see to become unblind.

Preconceived leave alone.

Come and flow in His Unknown.

Depths not dug,

Hearts yet tugged.

Seek Him with heart,

mercy plays part.

God’s Justice sings throughout the land.

His Ways are Higher then those of man.  

Tumbling Down Thunder Road

Being a female with autism seemingly ‘having it all together’ but truthfully a lifetime of social crisis mode.

I was interviewed for tropical smoothie in the summer of 2008. The interview was very informal, I recall arriving ten minutes beforehand and requesting to talk with the manager. Clawing through my skin I aced the interview.

After being hired, explaining my autism to the tune of ‘and how does this affect what you are doing?’ Working diligently efficiently and as accurately as possible. Coming to work I’d wipe down the back kitchen preparation areas and made sure everything needed was accessible.

Going the extra mile not understanding the concept of ‘workplace culture’ reasoning business was simply about coming in, executing required tasks, fulfilling orders, producing smoothies, etc.

Often asked to clean bathrooms, I’d stay after my shift to mop floors, wipe down tables, stack chairs and lock up all without complaint. A few coworkers had an issue with me (now realizing this in hindsight.) Repeatedly mentioning autism when a mistake was made only to be harshly criticized, feeling very small and unimportant. I shied away from speaking at all knowing something was ‘off.’

Nevertheless one coworker displayed kindness assisting me with smoothie recipes, how to best and most efficiently make sandwiches what to have on hand and how to become better at what I was doing.

As August came to a close I was told there would be an ‘intervention’ the following day. I was stunned and internally slack-jawed. The following morning I perceived something was awry.

The manager who hired me wasn’t present but the coworker who appreciated me was. Sitting across from her I wanted to crawl out of my skin and gag. She was put in an awkward position and looked very uncomfortable. I was told that I was being fired because I was ‘too slow’ in preparing food and smoothies. My stomach sank, I sat numbly and asked for further clarification to which I didn’t receive.

Gathering my last paycheck and asking to speak with the manager of whom wasn’t available. I never saw him again, he refused to speak with me and tell me why I was being terminated. No one had an answer for me, just a feeling of ‘don’t let the door slap you on the way out.’

Refusing to explain why I was terminated I ran out to my car with reflexive sobs splitting my chest in half. From that point forward I decided disclosing autism wasn’t in my best interests.